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Manufacturing parts for steel frames, drive systems, traverse units,
hoistway entrances, etc., of automated parking systems

Standards and specifications for the elevator types (Puzzle Tower)
Division "L" TYPE "D" TYPE "X" TYPE
Method Elevator(Fork-Type)
Available CAR Length 5,050 mm 5,150 mm 5,350 mm
Width(Inclusive mirror) 2,060 mm 2,150 mm 2,150 mm
Height 1,550~2000 mm 1,550~2000 mm 1,550~2000 mm
Weight 1,850 kg 2,200 kg 2,200 kg
Capacity of cars 54P ~ 70P
Drive systems Lifting up/down Lifting method Wire rope
Motor 22 kW / 30 kW
Velocity 60 ~ 120 m / Min
Traverse Lifting method Roller Chain (RS # 40)
Motor Central : 0.4kWX2EA / 10 parking spaces : 0.2kW*2EA/대
Velocity 26 m ~ 45 m
Control method Motor Squirrel cage induction motor (for an inverter)
Speed regulating method Vector inverter
Safety device PLC Control
Operator method Touch screen
Power Power supply 3 ¢AC 380V 60Hz
Entrance Door 2UP Door
Product photos

Steel frame

Lift Driving Assy : O-RING CHAIN

Lift Driving Assy – Pulley Type

Traverse unit

Lifter hoistway

1st-floor hoistway entrance

1st-floor hoistway entrance(DK TURN TABLE)


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